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Learning with MARO

What will my learning look like?

Once you’ve enrolled, we will email you everything you need to get started, including information about your assigned tutor and your log in details to Moodle which holds all your study materials, course information and study resources in once place. Our Moodle web address is


Once you have logged into Moodle and emailed us to confirm that you have logged in we will arrange for an induction on how to use Moodle  so you can navigate your way around. 

Study Timetable 


At the start of you course you will be given your  individual modules submission dates. You should aim to create your study timetable at the beginning of your course to keep track of your progress. We will monitor your progress with you throughout the course to ensure that you are on track.

Bite Sized Modules


All of our courses are divided into bite-sized modules made up of clearly identified study units, so it's easy to fit study into your schedule, you will be able to plan what module you can undertake.

Assessment Deadlines 

It is important that you adhere to the assessment deadlines however If you find yourself ahead of your timetable you can complete your qualification more quickly, or take some time away from study if life gets hectic.


We encourage you to finish the course at the deadline stated which we calculate generously to give you maximum flexibility in completing your qualification. You can also extend the support period on most courses for a fee.